Knee Pain

Knee Pain?

Is knee pain affecting your life?

Are you gaining weight because you cannot exercise due to knee pain?

If you, or someone you know, are suffering with knee pain, this new Acupressure Technique could be the answer you have been looking for.

It works great for Ligament and Meniscus Weakness.

Chronic Knee Pain is caused by a number of issues:

Dysfunction of the stabilizing muscles

There are numerous muscles in your thigh, and a few in your leg that go over, stabilize, support, protect, and move your knee.

Weakness in any of these muscles will create instability in the knee, inflammation, and pain.

This weakness now puts undue stress on the ligaments that surround the knee, creating additional instability, inflammation, and pain.

Trauma to the Knee Itself

Any trauma/sports injury to the knee can cause a sprain/strain impact on the ligaments that surround and support the knee. If these ligament are injured, it will create an instability in the knee joint, inflammation, and pain.

Trauma to the knee can also injure the meniscus of the knee, which will also result in inflammation and pain.

Arthritis of the Knee

Arthritis of any joint is caused by chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is inflammation that your body is producing on a daily basis. This inflammation slowly and gradually affects any and all joints, tissues, and organs.

Lower Back Issue

Pinched nerves, bulging, and herniated discs, disc degeneration, and lumbar stenosis can all cause pressure on the nerves that feed the muscles of your thighs and legs. These nerves now send inappropriate signals to those muscles that support and protect the knee. If this occurs, those muscles cannot property do their job, resulting in an instability, and pressure in the knee. This pressure can affect both knees, one knee, or one knee more than the other depending on what nerves are affected and to what degree they are affected.

You may not have any low back pain and still have a lower back problem. There are different types of nerves. Sensory nerves allow you to feel pain and tell you something is wrong. Motor nerves on the other hand control the movement of muscles and do not cause pain. Therefore, if you have pressure on one or more motor nerves, you won’t feel any pain, but the muscles they go to will be affected.

Bladder Issues

Lymph nodes along the bladder meridian go to the back of the knee, and therefore a bladder issue can energetically affect the knee.

Why Suffer?!

I use specialized treatments, therapies, and nutrition to eliminate chronic inflammation, treat the lower back and strengthen the muscles and ligaments that surround the knee. By treating the underlying issues, we can eliminate the knee pain.

Real Solutions for Real Problems

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