I have been dealing with low back pain on and off for a number of years; however the pain was never that bad and it never really interfered with my life. Then in August 2012 I started to experience pain behind my right knee. Initially the pain would come and go and like my lower back pain, it was not all that painful. As the weeks went on the knee pain became more and more bothersome and would last longer and longer. Around the middle of September both my lower back and knee pain had become fairly constant and I started to develop a limp due to the pain. Towards the end of October the pain had become really bad and it was interfering with my sleep, my work, and my everyday activities. I went to see an orthopedist who sent me for an MRI of my lower back. The MRI revealed three injured discs. Two were bulging and one was herniated. The orthopedist put me on Prednisone for six days and recommended physical therapy. The Prednisone was not really helping that much. My brother had heard about Dr. Coppola and told me I should call him.

Dr. Charles Coppola’s office was not close. He was an hour’s drive away, but I decided to make an appointment and see what he had to say about my lower back. Dr. Coppola was very optimistic and said he could help me, so I continued to see him on a regular basis. After every visit I left a little stronger and the pain started to go away. I can honestly say I am now pain-free and I am able to do a lot of the things that I had previously given up due to my back pain.

Thanks, Dr. Coppola!



One day, I woke up feeling dizzy. The dizziness would come and go, and then a couple of days later it was very bad. I was taken to the hospital. The doctor took a number of tests, which all came back normal. He then put me on medication for the dizziness, but it made it worse. I called my M.D. and he put me on a different medication which did not help.

I had seen Dr. Coppola in the past for various neck and back pains, so I decided to give him a call. By the time I went to see Dr. Coppola, my dizziness had turned into Vertigo. The room was spinning and I felt nauseous. I could not lie down because that made the Vertigo really bad. I was also very unsteady on my feet. Dr. Coppola told me I had cranial faults which were most likely the cause of my problem. He then proceeded to treat my cranial faults, and it slowly got better and better. Now, no more Vertigo or dizziness. Thanks Dr. Coppola.



I originally went to see Dr. Coppola due to lower back pain with sciatica. Because of the pain, I needed the aid of a cane to get around. During the course of my treatment for my lower back, I had mentioned to Dr. Coppola that I had Tinnitus. I had been dealing with the Tinnitus for over 30 years, and I wanted to know if anything could be done for it. So Dr. Coppola started to work on my Tinnitus as well as my lower back problem. It took awhile, but now I'm feeling really good. No more back pain. I no longer need the cane to get around and my Tinnitus is just about gone. Most of the time, I do not even notice it. Occasionally I may still hear the ringing, but it's "barely noticeable".





As a result of two work related injuries to my lower back, I ended up with three bulging discs (L-3, L-4, and L-5). The L-5 disc bulge was very large and compressed the spinal nerves and caused what they called a moderate stenosis. Due to all the pain I was in, I eventually had disc surgery. Although I was somewhat better following the disc surgery, I still had constant lower back pain which varied from being a dull ache to being very sharp. At times the pain would get so bad that I was unable to stand up straight. I also had a lot of pain which traveled down my left and occasionally also my right thigh. My right buttock and thigh constantly felt numb, like it was asleep. My right lower extremity felt weak and would often give out on me. Occasionally my left thigh also felt numb.

Since surgery should have taken care of the problem, I felt nothing else could be done for me. Then, one day, I was talking with Dr. Coppola and he seemed pretty confident that he could help me. As a result of Dr. Coppola's treatments, I rarely have any pain radiating into my thighs and the constant numbness I had is all gone. My legs feel a lot stronger and now only occasionally will they give out on me. Presently, I still have lower back pain, but it is primarily achy or sore.

A couple of days after I unloaded a truck I started to get pain in the right side of my neck and into my right shoulder. From that point on, it progressively got worse. The pain was constant and sharp. It went from the right side of my neck, across my shoulder and down my right arm. The pain was worse at night, and I was unable to sleep. Whenever I tried to use my right arm, and especially after driving awhile, the pain was more intense. I normally can take a lot of pain, but this pain was severe, and I know I had to do something about it.

Dr. Coppola told me I had injured a disc in my neck and it was putting pressure on the nerves that go into my right arm. Initially I was being treated every day and some days I got treated twice. After about a week of treatment I was starting to sleep a little better and within a couple of more weeks I was sleeping most of the night. Now I'm sleeping fine and I no longer have any pain in my neck, shoulder or arm.





For a couple of weeks, my lower back would bother me on and off. It was more of an achiness; I did not think much of it. Then one day, I bent down to pick up a sneaker and got a sharp pain in my lower back. Over the next week, the pain had become progressively worse. When I went to see Dr. Coppola, the pain was constant and it radiated across the left side of my lower back. I was unable to stand up straight. I had what they called an antalgic posture. Almost everything I did, or whatever movements I made, seemed to aggravate the pain. Today, I am walking straight and am pain free.

As a result of different skiing accidents, I injured two discs in my lower back, which would flair up from time to time. When I went to see Dr. Coppola, I had pain in the left side of my lower back. It also felt very stiff, especially in the morning when I first woke up. Bending down to pick up anything resulted in numbness that traveled all the way from my lower back to my toes.

Presently I am feeling fine. Now, when I wake up in the morning I no longer have pain or stiffness. When I bend, I no longer have that numbness shooting down my leg. Even though I am feeling good, I still continue to get treated by Dr. Coppola to help maintain the pressure off my lower back.



I had lower back pain which bothered me on and off for years. When it acted up, it was very painful. Then approximately one year ago, the outside of my left thigh, leg, and foot started to go numb. This too would come and go and slowly became more and more bothersome. I was being treated by a chiropractor in my area. The treatments helped for a while, but then I seemed to get worse again. I also suffered with occasional neck pain and headaches. About 7 months ago, the neck pain and headaches started to bother me on a regular basis. If not every day, then every other day. I was taking a lot of Tylenol. Then my left arm, forearm, and hand started to go numb.

I met Dr. Coppola at a meeting and we started talking. I told him about my problems and he convinced me to come in, even though it was a 40 minute ride either way to his office. Now my lower back feels great, I no longer experience numbness and even my neck and headaches feel better.



Dear Dr. Charles Coppola:

I want to thank you for putting the "spring back into my step." You have rejuvenated a 79 year old "relic".

A few months ago, before I came to you, I developed a sharp pain in my right hip. It was very painful for me to move in almost any direction, and I could not walk without feeling it. I was immobile to say the least.

My Medical Doctor said it was arthritis and prescribed "muscle relaxer" medication - that was unsuccessful. Your x-rays proved my lower spinal discs were out of position, and you gave me a very understanding analysis as to how it was causing my pain. I am very grateful for your expertise in this field, and you have renewed my faith in "Chiropractic procedures."



Following a skiing accident, I developed lower back pain. At times, the pain would shoot all the way down the back of my thigh and leg. My husband was seeing Dr. Coppola at the time, so I asked him about my problem. He told me it was sciatica and that he felt he would be able to help me. Since then, he has not only helped me with my sciatica, but he also got rid of my headaches and a knee problem I had.



When I was 18 years old I was thrown from a horse, and I landed on my head. Afterwards I had severe neck pain. The pain eventually went away (for the most part) but then I started to get migraine headaches. Over the years, the headaches have been getting progressively worse. I have had MRIs, CAT scans and all kinds of tests. None of the tests were conclusive. I have been on many types of medications, nothing really worked.

The pain usually starts behind and over either my right or left eye. The pain builds and becomes very intense. It feels like a hot, sharp poker behind my eye which causes me to vomit. The vomiting aggravates the headache which causes me to vomit even more. This can last for 3-4 days, then my head feels bruised and throbs for another day or two.

The month before I saw Dr. Coppola I was getting a lot of migraine headaches. He told me the headaches were coming from my neck. He did a lot of deep muscle work on the muscles of my neck and upper back and then adjusted my neck. He told me that it might take a while because my condition was so chronic, but I actually started to feel a difference right away. The headaches soon went away.



I am a sushi chef and spend many hours a day standing, bent over a counter cutting up and preparing raw fish and vegetables. One day I stared to get a burning pain in the left side of my lower back. During the next week, the pain started to become worse, and I started to get sharp pain with the burning pain. At that point, I decided to have it treated and saw Dr. Coppola. I now feel fine. I no longer have burning or sharp pains.



I initially went to see Dr. Coppola for lower back pain. I have had lower back pain on and off in the past, and I have been to other doctors, but I never fully understood what was wrong until I went to see Dr. Coppola. While showing me the x-rays, he explained I had a spondylolisthesis which is a fracture of the spine. My right knee was also bothering me; and after he examined me, he felt the knee pain was a result of what was going on in my lower back.

I guess he was right because after working on my lower back, the knee pain went away. Since I originally saw Dr. Coppola, I have been to him on and off for different problems. He helped me when I had headaches, neck pain, pain in my right shoulder and when I had muscles spasms and pain in the middle of my back that were so bad it hurt to take a deep breath.



While visiting a friend in Georgia, I turned and reached for something across the bed and got a sharp pain in my lower back. The pain was severe. I was unable to drive back to New York, so I went to a local chiropractor. Dr. Coppola had treated me on and off in the past, so after about four treatments with the local chiropractor in Georgia, I asked him to please call Dr. Coppola in New York to see if anything else could be done. Unfortunately, without being able to examine me, Dr. Coppola could only give general advice. Eventually, I had to go for cortisone shots to reduce the inflammation enough to enable me to drive home.

As soon as I got back to New York, I went to see Dr. Coppola, and in a fairly short time, he had me feeling my old self again.



Ever since Randel was born, he has been getting one ear infection after another. Quite often he would also get sick and develop a runny nose and get all congested. Whenever he got an ear infection, I took him to the pediatrician. They would then give him an antibiotic. The ear infection would go away and 3-4 weeks later, Randel would have another ear infection. Over the past year and a half, the pediatricians have been prescribing stronger and stronger antibiotics, but the ear infections continued to come back. We were then told that Randel needed to have tubes put into his ears.

I had heard that Chiropractic can help with ear infections but I never pursued it; that is until they wanted to operate on Randel's ears. Dr. Coppola had come highly recommended and I heard he helped other children with ear infections.

When we went to see Dr. Coppola, Randel was battling another ear infection. He also had a runny nose and was all congested. After the first treatment the runny nose seemed to have stopped. After a few more treatments the congestion and ear infection went away. Randel has been doing really good since he has been going to see Dr. Coppola. No colds, no ear infections and no antibiotics.



Prior to seeing Dr. Coppola, my lower back was bothering me on and off for a couple of months. The pain was never that bad, and it never stopped me from doing what I had to do. Then one night I was very tired and fell asleep on the couch. The next morning my lower back was bothering me a lot, and by that evening the pain was excruciating, I felt dizzy and began to perspire and have chills. The next day I went to see my family doctor. He wanted to admit me into the hospital for observation. I did not want to go to the hospital, so I called Dr. Coppola whom I had heard of through a friend of mine. When I went to see him, I was in a lot of pain. The pain was constant. At times it was sharp and stabbing and I was unable to raise my left leg due to the pain. In a fairly short time under Dr. Coppola's care, I started to feel better and after approximately two months, I was feeling really good. I no longer have any pain, and I'm doing everything I was doing before this all started.



I have been suffering with headaches for many years. I would feel the pain primarily over my left eye but would also feel it on the top of my head, as well as, in the back of my head. At times, the headaches would get severe, somewhat like a migraine, but not classically a migraine headache. I had to take medication regularly because of the headaches. At one point, they started to bother me everyday. That's when I decided to try chiropractic. Now, I hardly get any headaches, and when they do come one, they aren't that bad, nor do they last that long.



Following an automobile accident, I developed neck pain which traveled into both of my shoulders and down my left arm and forearm to the fingers of my left hand. I also started to experience daily headaches and occasional dizziness. My medical doctor sent me to a neurologist who, after doing some nerve testing, told me I had nerve damage in my neck. Later, he sent me for an MRI which showed that I had injured four discs in my neck. The neurologist then referred me to Dr. Coppola. In the short time that I have been with Dr. Coppola, I have seen much improvement. I no longer have any pain radiating into my left arm or forearm. My headaches and dizziness are virtually gone. I still have some neck pain and muscle stiffness, but that too has greatly improved.




This past summer, after doing a lot of walking, I started to get pain in my left knee. At first it was a sore to sharp pain. The pain was not constant; it would come and go. It would bother me primarily when I went up and down stairs or when bending or kneeling. After a while, even though the knee would still bother me, the pain was less. Then one day in February the left knee started to bother me more than it had been. Then the right knee stated to also bother me. The left knee, which was worse than the right, felt swollen and stiff. My husband, who was a patient of Dr. Coppola's, sent me to see him. After examining me, Dr. Coppola told me that the problem was not in my knee, but rather in my lower back. He said that the imbalance in my pelvis was causing a twisting at my knee which in turn caused it to become inflamed and result in pain. Dr. Coppola worked on both my knee and my pelvis and in a very short time the pain in my knee went away. I can now bend and go up and down stairs without pain. I do not even think about my knee anymore.

As a result of two large bulging discs flattening the spinal cord in my neck, I have been suffering with neck pain, as well as, a numb, tingling sensation down both of my arms, forearms, and into my hands. At times both of my hands would cramp up. I had also been getting a "tingling", falling asleep feeling down both of my thighs and legs. For the past two years, I have been under the care of a neurosurgeon who wants to operate on my neck. The operation was set up for April of '97. Even though my neurologist advised against it, I decided to try chiropractic. Dr. Coppola had treated my husband in the past, so I decided to see if he could help me. After five months of care with Dr. Coppola, I no longer have any neck pain. The numb, tingling sensation down my arms, forearms, and into my thighs and legs has all gone away. On my last visit to the neurologist he could no find any spinal cord pressure in my neck and told me I did not need surgery.



Last December, I injured my lower back while lifting some furniture. It started as lower back pain but then I started to get a pins & needles sensation in the outside of my right foot and two toes. I was also getting pain in my right calf muscle. I went to my primary care physician who gave me anti-inflammatory medication. When that did not help, he then sent me to an orthopedic surgeon, who sent me for an MRI. The MRI showed three injured discs in my lower spine. When the orthopedic surgeon got the MRI report, he told me that I needed surgery on my lower back. Not wanting to jump into surgery, I decided to try chiropractic first. By the time I went to see Dr. Coppola, I was getting a "pins and needles" type of sensation and pain from the right side of my lower back all the way down to and into my right foot. Driving and/or sitting became very painful. After three months with Dr. Coppola, I no longer have any pain or numbness in my lower back, thigh, leg, or foot. Best of all, I don't need surgery!



I had been getting a stiffness in both of my hands. It came on very gradually, and I don't know how or when it actually occurred. However, it was getting worse. Both of my hands felt stiff, on and off throughout the day, if not everyday, almost everyday. Whenever I used my hands or fingers a lot, they would feel fatigued and cramp up on me. I am a music teacher; therefore, I do a lot of writing and also spend a lot to time playing the guitar. You could imagine how frustrating it was for me to have my hands cramp up while practicing or playing the guitar. They were also going numb on me whenever I drove with my hands on the steering wheel. Dr. Coppola had helped me with a lower back problem that I had, so I asked him if he could do anything to help me with my hands. After he examined me, he determined that my neck, my elbows, and my wrists were all involved in my hand problems. He treated me by adjusting my neck, my elbows, and my wrists. He also did some deep muscle work on my forearm muscles. Now, my hands no longer feel numb or stiff, and they no longer cramp up when writing or playing the guitar.



When I went to see Dr. Coppola, I was having muscle spasms and a lot of pain in my back just below the ribs. The pain had been bothering me on and off for approximately 2-3 months. Over that time the pain seemed to become a little worse. The pain started to travel from my back, around my left side and into my abdomen. At that point I went to my medical doctor to have it checked out. All tests were normal. A friend told me about Dr. Coppola, so I went to see if he would be able to help me.

It took a little while, but he found the problem and got rid of my pain. From time to tome other things have bothered me, but Dr. Coppola has been able to help me with those as well.



As a result of a work related accident, I severely injured three discs in my lower back, which resulted in moderate to severe spinal stenosis. I was in constant pain which was usually very sharp. I also had sciatica and a burning pain in both thighs. Both legs were weak and numb.

I initially started to see Dr. Coppola, but was later examined and evaluated by a number of different orthopedic and neurosurgeons. They all basically told me the same thing; my condition was very complicated, surgery was very risky, especially when the chiropractic treatments were helping and that if it ever got so bad where I couldn't walk, then I should consider surgery.

I stuck with Dr. Coppola, and between the chiropractic treatments and exercises that he gave me, I'm doing a lot better. Although I still have some pain and numbness in my legs, my symptoms are bearable, and I am able to do many of the things that I was able to do before I was injured.



I initially saw Dr. Coppola two years ago when I injured two discs in my lower back. It took a while, but eventually I was feeling really good. I started weight lifting again and recently started Tae Kwan Do. While practicing flips, I landed on my back and buttock. Later that day, I started to feel some pain in my right buttock. The next day the pain was a lot worse and I could hardly walk. I immediately thought I re-injured the discs in my lower back. I went back to see Dr. Coppola. After he examined me, he said that surprisingly enough, the discs were fine; but when I landed on my buttock, I threw out my sacrum. I never thought one bone could cause so much pain. Once again, I'm fine. Thanks Dr. Coppola.



One day, while fixing a ceiling in my daughter's house, I started to feel some pain in my lower back. It felt achy to sore and I figured it would go away. However, within a couple of days, the pain became sharp; and it started to travel down the back of my left thigh and leg. Anytime I put my weight on my left leg, I would get a sharp pain shoot down my leg. Walking, driving, bending, and going up and down the steps became very painful. At that point I decided to have it looked at by Dr. Coppola. He told me that I had Arthritis in my lower back and there was pressure on my sciatic nerve. After approximately two months of Dr. Coppola working on me, I no longer have any lower back pain or sciatic pain.



Vincent's sister suffered with chronic ear infections for over a year. Every time we brought her back to the pediatrician, they gave her a stronger and stronger antibiotic. She didn't like the taste of many of the antibiotics, and it was a real struggle to get her to take them. Realizing that this wasn't really working, and that there had to be a better way, we started to have her adjusted. Within no time the ear infection went away, and she hasn't had one since.

After seeing how wonderful chiropractic worked on his sister, when Vincent started crying and pulling on his ear, we immediately had him adjusted. Just as we hoped, the ear infection went away, and he did not have to be put on antibiotics.



By the age of 2 1/2 Gregory was toilet trained but still wet the bed at night. (Sometimes several times a night, which meant changing his sheets 2 or 3 times in one night!) Initially we felt that he was still young and would soon grow out of this habit. By age 4, however, I began to feel that we should try and help him conquer his bedwetting habit.

The first thing we tried was to limit his liquid intake in the evening. But unfortunately, we broke down and gave him water when he cried "I'm thirsty, Mommy." In any case, this approach did not work.

The next thing we tried was waking him up or simply carrying him to the bathroom every two hours after he fell asleep. This worked for as long as we could keep up the schedule. However, we were not getting a good night's sleep; and we were injuring our lower backs.

I then consulted the Institute for Bedwetting Control who told us that bedwetting was actually a sleep disorder and in order to change his bedwetting habits, we needed to change his sleep pattern. This would be done with bed pads, alarm clocks and a fairly elaborate system (not to mention a very expensive system).

Up until this point my husband was going along with my ideas; however, after hearing the sleep modification method, he said "Before we try anything else, let's see if Chiropractic can help."

It was incredible! After the second treatment Gregory stopped wetting the bed. Since then he has had 2-3 accidents. At which point he was re-adjusted. Gregory is now 5 1//2 years old and has not wet his bed in over a year! Why didn't we try this approach sooner?



While wrestling with his brothers, one brother got Nicholas in a neck hold. Afterwards, Nicholas was complaining of having a lot of neck pain. He said his neck hurt no matter what direction he moved his head. Dr. Coppola had treated Nicholas' bother last year for a neck injury; so when Nicholas hurt his neck, I immediately brought him to see Dr. Coppola. In a very short time, Nicholas was back to his old self.



I am 83 years old and I have had asthma for the past 53 years. Although there were times when I felt better, overall, it has become progressively worse over the years. Whenever I did too much shopping, housework, etc., I would get a heaviness in my chest and I had to stop and rest. I found myself using my inhaler quite often.

Dr. Coppola was already treating me for dizziness. One day while I was in his office, I was wheezing a lot. Dr. Coppola asked me about the wheezing, and I told him that my asthma was acting up. That's when he told me he would help me with my asthma. Ever since then he has been working on my asthma. He also does a special adjustment to help my breathing. I have been feeling a lot better since he has been working on my asthma. The biggest improvement is that I hardly have to use my inhaler anymore; and if I have a heaviness in my chest, he will work on my breathing and the heaviness will go away.


Matthew was swinging on a swing at the park when the chain broke. He fell onto his upper back and neck. When he got up, he had a lot of neck pain and all of his muscles were in spasm. Due to all of the muscle spasms in his neck, his head was being pulled to his right shoulder; and he was unable to hold his head up straight. Being a nurse, I was able to determine that the trauma of the fall did not cause any structural misalignment of his spine. I also knew the value of chiropractic care so I immediately brought him to see Dr. Coppola. Matthew started to show improvement right away and he improved a little more with each treatment. In a couple of weeks, he was back to his old self again.



While walking across the street, my son Robert heard a "pop" in his knee. He immediately started to feel pain in his knee. The pain was very sharp and he was unable to put any weight on his leg. Being a patient of Dr. Coppola, I called him up, told him what had happened and asked him if he felt he would be able to help Robert. Dr. Coppola told me to bring him right over. When we got there, he examined him and started treating his lower back and knee. In a short time, Robert was once again running around pain free.


Every once in a while my left eye would bother me. At first, I didn't think much of it, but then it started to bother me more and more. I started to experience pressure around my eye. Whenever I read, my eyes would tire fairly quickly; and I would see a glare and the words were out of focus or would disappear. What really made me worry, however, is that whenever I would look to my right or my left, objects would disappear. I went to see my ophthalmologist who gave me a complete eye examination, and then told me he could not find anything wrong. He said everything was normal, including my eye pressure.

At the time, I was seeing Dr. Coppola because I had some jaw pain. After speaking with the ophthalmologist, I decided to tell Dr. Coppola what was going on to see if he had any ideas. He immediately said, "It sounds like a cranial fault problem". Up until then, I never heard of cranial faults. He then proceeded to check and adjust my cranium (my skull bones); and after a number of treatments, my eye issues all went away. Also I am in the retail business, and work closely with customers on a daily basis. However, whenever I would work closely with someone, after a short time, I would feel very stressed, and would have to turn away. Eye contact was very difficult for me. Now after being treated by Dr. Coppola, I enjoy working closely with my customers; and I can stay focused on them. This, along with the other improvements, has made a large impact in my life.

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